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Want an affordable, Bible-based education to prepare you for a disciple-making ministry?

Why Choose Field USA Ministry Training? 

FUSA Ministry Training offers all the classes you need to equip you for harvest field ministry, with a course catalogue that contains everything from Discipleship, to Theology, to Bible Interpretation, and much more.

Students who enroll with us will not only received practical, comprehensive, and theologically sound training. They will also receive their education both affordably and conveniently. 

Classes for those seeking licensing cost only $75 each, and they are FREE to audit for those enrolling only for personal/spiritual growth. You may attend our twelve-week classes through Zoom, in person, or a mixture of both: whatever works best for you.

Stack of Books
“As a man juggling full time ministry, a family of 8, and a full time secular job, Field USA Ministry Training has been a true blessing! They have been very accommodating, allowing me to join classes remotely and at a time that allows me to be very flexible! I can do my coursework during the week, at my own pace, and without losing my stride with the rest of life. Praise God for Field USA!”

John Goldwater, Pastor at Warren Community Church, MI

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